Award winning, ridiculously good mead.

Crafted by mead makers committed to pursuing life’s lost causes.

Welcome to Lost Cause Meadery.


Our story

We proudly hail from a long line of master mead makers, spanning back centuries. OK not really. But it does feel like this is always what we were meant to do. Learn how we got here, and why we embraced such a lost cause.

Our Mead

At Lost Cause we take pride in crafting unusually complex and delicious meads that showcase unique honey varietals and our passion for experimentation. Our goal is to create some of the best meads in the world.

Visit our tasting room

Come stay lost with us in San Diego! We share our tasting room with a cidery (Serpentine Cider) and a full kitchen (The Good Seed Food Company) and are proud to be part of the amazingly rad Miralani Makers' District.


What is Mead?

Mead is a delicious alcoholic beverage made from honey. Arguably the world's oldest form of alcohol, mead has been produced and drunk by almost every culture in the world. It is an unbelievably versatile beverage, ranging from bone-dry and refreshing to rich and complex. From "traditional" meads that showcase unique honey varietals and local terroir to a range of styles that feature every kind of fruit, spice or experimental ingredient imaginable, mead is like no other beverage on earth.

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