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Award Winning San Diego Mead


Our Style:

Complex. Aroma-driven. Balanced. A celebration of each honey varietal. At Lost Cause we strive to craft the best expression of what we think a mead can be: extremely layered and packed with character, and at the same time balanced and drinkable enough to be enjoyed by everyone here in San Diego.

Our process:

We've spent years developing and refining a mead making process that is unique to us. Yes everyone probably says that, but we take it very seriously and it's not BS. Our research on various yeast strains for mead has been published in Zymurgy and American Mead Maker, and we've conducted countless other experiments that will never make it to print. Our goal has always been to develop the best techniques for controlling a slow, steady and healthy fermentation and keep the extremely delicate honey flavors and aromas intact. We hope our mead speaks for itself.

Buy Mead:

Our mead is available for purchase online via VinoShipper to 38 states plus D.C. If you don't see your state below, blame The Government. We ship once a week on Wednesdays. If you're local (or will be visiting) you can always select "Winery Pickup" to pickup the mead at our tasting room and avoid a shipping charge.